Hey! Long time no post!

Well, I've been bad about posting here. One post since what...June? Shame on me! I'll try to get better about it but I do blog at lot more at my Food Blog, if you're of a mind. 

I had some excitement today, though. Recently, I signed up at list my 5 and I was featured on the front page today! I only have three lists there so far. So, I had to come in here and crow about it a little bit because I think it's pretty cool! I didn't even know about it...i logged in and noticed that I had some comments congratulating me. That's when I found out.

Here's the link to my list, which was featured: Top 5 Tips for a succulent Thanksgiving Turkey.

And yes, I had to take some screen shots, too, Of course!

Okay, I'll shut up now. Have a great day!

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