Here's a close up shot of a Primrose. We always called them "Buttercups" when I was growing up.
This is a male squash blossom. It's easy to tell the males from the females. The females will have a "bump" behind the blossom while the male blossoms have a completely straight stem.
These lilies are descendants of lily plants which were brought from my(Maternal grandmother's old homestead in Mixville, Texas.
This is a close-up of a Coreopsis from my front yard. I like to let the wildflowers have their way with my front yard until they are spent. There are more of them every year because I wait until they have gone to seed before mowing them down. They make a really pretty show and the blooms last a really long time.
This is a beautiful Rose of Sharon, also known as Hibiscus. This flower is from my Grandmother's back yard, which is now my Mom's back yard. My Grandmother planted it many years ago.


    This Blog is for pictures I've taken--mostly flowers but also other interesting pics. Please enjoy!


    May 2013