Here's a nice shot of a Lantana flower after a soft rain.
This is not a dandelion, it's from a sow thistle. We always make wishes with these, too. They still count!
We haven't had wax beans in the garden in a long time. My grandma always planted these along with the green beans. They taste great when cooked together for a side dish.
the green bean blossoms are very prolific. Soon there will be many grean beans to pick. They are really easy to grow. you should try it!
Close-up of a cucumber blossom from the garden this year. I used a flash on this on but you can still see the sun shining through from the back of the blossom.
A blossom from the tangerine tree with a little spider dude posing for the camera. The spider is probably thinking, "Get the heck away from here! Can't you see I'm trying to catch bugs? You want tangerines this year or not?"
This is a close up of the blossoms on a red-tip PHotinia. Sometimes these shrubs are pruned so much and so often, you don't get to see the blooms. This specimen is on that my Grandma planted years ago and it was left alone.
A close-up of a Confetti Plant blossom and below it, a photo of the foliage from the same plant. When the leaves are formed they are green--then they change color.
Here's a close up shot of a pink Oleander. This blossom is from a giant plant that my grandmother planted many years ago.
Here's a wild onion in bloom with some little bug dudes on one of the blossoms. These wild onions are just as good to eat as the onions you buy at the grocery store.


    This Blog is for pictures I've taken--mostly flowers but also other interesting pics. Please enjoy!


    May 2013